Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tequila Sunrise

Hello! I was looking around for colors that I haven't used in a while and I found a few colors from Lali cosmetics. My mom had gotten me them quite some time ago when we were at the Grove, a gorgeous outside mall. I really hadn't been into cosmetics at that point and just thought it was cool that the mineral shadows could be used for eye shadows, lip sticks, and nail polish. How young I was. Now that I've found them, I'm so excited to use them the way they should be used (in other words, not neglecting them). When I was going through the colors that I have, #7 is the one that I instantly was drawn to. It's a really pretty pink color with shimmer. It feels like more than pink to me, but I can't think of the name for the color. I hope you guys like it!

I don't know what happened with this picture to make it look less pigmented in the middle, it didn't look like that whenever I looked in a mirror!

(Click to Enlarge! Look at Lali #7!!!)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot Amc in 60 (Lid)
Lali Cosmetics in #7 (Crease)
Crown Brush 88 Shimmer palette, a mix of a pearl white and light pink for the highlight
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean (Waterline)
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Roach
Stila Forever Your Curl


  1. I love this. I's really pretty. I like the color combo

  2. This is so lovely! And I know what you mean about the photos sometimes making your eyeshadow look patchy in places (which it really doesn't), even though that's not the case in real life.

  3. really cool, now i want a tequila sunrise. well its nearly the weekend!!

  4. Awesome make up dear,i adore your blog.
    Btw,i'm your newest follower now.hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxox..

  5. WOW looks amazing. I don't think I could pull off such a bold look though.

  6. Fierce! I'm thinking fire when seeing this! and you're so good with the sharp edges! And such amazing colour for eyeliner! like burgundy-purple! YummiE!//Azure

  7. Wow, as nail polish too? that's awesome. I didn't know there were products like that. awesome look as usual- I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog- check it out for details. =-)

  8. Hey there! You're really good at makeup! I'm always too afraid to go bold like that. Now following :)
    <3 Rashelle

  9. You always have the most gorgeous combos of color! I love this look because it reminds me starbursts lol!

  10. This is such a bold look that I probably could never pull off something like this haha. It looks really pretty though! Looks just like the drink :D

  11. Gorgeous look! Love the blog - I'll follow you if you follow me! :)

  12. Hello! I have given you an award on my blog!!

  13. I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award! Check out my blog for details.

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